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Yeshiva Ketana Junior High School For Boys

“Each spring, I hire a special cab from the center of the country to Tsfat. I come just to convince the principal of the yeshiva ketana to send his best graduates to my high school next year. For me, it is worth every effort because there is nothing like a Tsfat yeshiva boy—smart, well-rounded, and unpretentious.” ~Principal of a top yeshiva high school in Bene Brak

For three years at the height of their teens, boys are engrossed in sharpening their minds and souls through a diet of Talmud, Jewish law and Derech Eretz. This Yeshiva Ketana is Tsfat’s first middle school for boys and holds 80 students, aged 13-16. Located on the second and third level of the Torah Center, the school also offers a dormitory facility for out-of-town students. With a rigorous learning and prayer schedule, pupils develop strong learning skills, practical knowledge, and character refinement to lay a strong foundation for the future. Graduates go on to prepare for entry into the work force or advance onward into top yeshivas to further their studies in Torah.