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Hot Meals For Kids

“A lot of times my mother doesn’t have money to buy bread in the morning so I can’t wait for lunch at school. It warms me up and I hear my teacher better.” ~Yaakov, age 7 years.

Nothing can replace the powerful effect of a healthy nourishing meal on a child’s learning and development. According to recent statistics, poverty impacts 23% of Israel’s population and one-third of Israel’s children live in poverty. The socio-economic reality in Tsfat is that it remains one of the poorest cities in Israel where many families live below the poverty line. Good nutrition and health are critical to a child’s ability to progress and thrive. For three decades, Nachal Novea has administered a daily program to serve hot meals to 500 children in Tsfat, aged 3-16. The meals are prepared fresh on the premises each day. For many children, this is their only hot meal of the day. For others, it is simply their only meal.