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Tsfat Nursery & Early Childhood Center

“One of the most impressive daycare centers I’ve seen in my 20 years working in the field.” ~Supervisor for the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor

The economic reality in Tsfat often dictates both parents must work full-time to provide minimum sustenance for their families. For single mothers, the situation is more critical. Over two decades ago, Nachal Novea established a full day Nursery and Daycare Center in the Old City where parents confidently leave their young children in a warm and nurturing environment. Twenty percent of the children come from challenging family situations that require special assistance. Rain or shine, a transport van shuttles the children back and forth from the center each day. Upon arriving each morning, they are greeted by the caregivers and begin their day with programs tailored to the distinct developmental stages of early childhood. The center accommodates the needs of 70 infants and toddlers, including the provision of hot nutritious meals, and has gained national recognition for its innovative and adaptive programs.