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“I will take you on a path that is totally new, yet ancient.” ~ Rebbe Nachman of Breslev

Ancient and concealed, the roots of this holy city run deep. Tsfat zealously guards her secrets, while lighting up the path to redemption with Torah, prayer, and learning.

Jacob learned here in the cave of Shem and Eber. It was the very first place cleansed of idolatry when Joshua entered the Land of Israel. It thrived during the era of Solomon’s Temple, and continued through the building and subsequent destruction of the Second Temple.

Half a millennia ago, heaven and earth kissed, as deed actualized vision, possibility conquered reality. The Holy Ari and the tzaddikim in Tsfat achieved entry into the heavenly orchard known as “PaRDeS” ~ Peshat, Remez, Drush, and Sod, the four levels of Torah understanding. Their spiritual attainments stand for us today. So fruitful were their achievements that we are destined to attain these spiritual levels and soar beyond.